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Design Workshop


We offer design and engineering of technical products. From the first sketch through the CAD construction to execution. Design models, prototypes, preliminary and small series are realized and optimized in-house, taking production technologies into account. Extended and external production processes are gladly accompanied with active advice.


We examine and develop propulsion systems and deal with hydrodynamics and aerodynamics in the field of fast and seagoing watercraft. Efficient and low-emission drives have been a focus for us since 2008. Various recreational and commercial watercraft have been successfully designed and converted by us to run purely electrically or on synthetic fuels.


The workshop is fundamental to our work. It is equipped for any work in any material. Here expertise from the areas of boat building, carpentry and model building come together. These are supported by CNC machines and two robots, one of which is equipped with a rotary table.

Composite is our core competence. We look back on more than 10 years of lightweight construction. Composite parts are usually one-offs, which we manufacture using computers and robots, but only to a certain extent. Then we continue manually. Working out the shape, preparations and the laminating processes, whether in hand lay-up or infusion processes - everything requires a lot of skill and know-how.

In addition to the composite and mold construction work, we develop and build test models and test structures in the areas of ship technology and yachts, as well special buoyancy bodies and floating bodies for wave energy systems. Drive and control components are also developed and tested.



„During my design studies I founded the design workshop in 2004, designed furniture and created my first collection. The design and the type of furniture construction were shaped by my approach as a boat builder. I exhibited at the Cölner Passagen and at the 100% Design in London. It wasn't just individual pieces of furniture that were designed and built, they were followed by facilities for shops and trade fair stands, especially in the fashion and streetwear sectors. At the same time, the first prototype of my later boat series was created. After successful tests, I presented the two-seater, fast sports boat under the name FELLERyachting 2008 at the "boot" trade fair in Düsseldorf.

Many new challenges followed. On the one hand the actual boat building and manufacturing processes in the area of ​​composite materials, on the other hand technological design and engineering in the areas of hydrodynamics, propulsion systems and further work with materials for lightweight construction.“

— Uwe Feller

Uwe Feller


1. August 2000

Completion of training as a boat builder in England


1. January 2004

Founding of the design workshop | Own furniture collection | Construction of stores and exhibition stands, primarily in the field of streetwear and mountain bikes


3. January 2006

Graduation as a designer from the Cologne International School of Design: KISD


5. January 2008

Founding of FELLERyachting | Construction of a first prototype based on the specially developed hull shape


2. January 2009

Exhibition of the first prototype of the "Dymax_Power 5.45" at the "boot" in Düsseldorf


3. January 2009

Order to build a "Dymax_Power 5.45" for operation on 100% methanol as fuel by "Silicon Fire AG" Switzerland


3. January 2010

Presentation of the electric boat "Voltage 5.45" at the "boot" trade fair in Düsseldorf


3. January 2011

Presentation of the "Dymax_Power 8.50 Hybrid" at the "boot" trade fair in Düsseldorf


3. January 2011

Delivery of two more boats to Silicon Fire AG


3. January 2011

Research and development of fast, light watercraft and their drives


3. January 2012

Expansion of production, especially in the area of ​​composites and lightweight construction


3. January 2013

Cooperation with the DST | Construction and design of scale models for towing tests and free runs, in particular faster seagoing watercraft of 70kn+


3. January 2014

First time offering the service of construction and design for other shipyards and the industry


3. January 2014

Manufacture and design of floating bodies and mechanics for water and wave energy systems


3. January 2015

Construction and design in steel and aluminum shipbuilding | Drafting of construction details for speeds of 70kn+


3. January 2015

Special orders in the area of ​​exterior and interior on mega yachts


3. January 2016

Components for deep sea applications | Carbon rudder blades and wings for high performance regatta sailing applications


3. January 2016

Acquisition and conversion of a KuKa robot, primarily for 6-axis milling of large components and molds (milling power 10KW)


3. January 2018

Orientation towards becoming a construction and design office


3. January 2019

Product development in automotive and industrial design


3. January 2020

Simplified production technologies for fiber composite materials


10. January 2020

Move into new offices | Extension of the workrooms | Founding of Innovationswerkstatt.ruhr for product development with a focus on everything that moves


1. March 2021

Establishment of a composite laboratory for fiber composite materials


4. March 2021

Electric powered watercraft | Automated watercraft


28. February 2022

Purchase of another KuKa robot for 7-axis machining with a rotary table.


1. March 2022

Focus on automated and autonomous driving, especially on the water.



Auf der Bleiche 8, 58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

0049 (0)2335 / 9675496